CAD/CAM Design

Cam Machine Programming

We have been using Solid CAM programming software since we are among the first which began Programming CNC machines. This is the most widely used CAM software worldwide and remains the program of choice among CNC programmers. It delivers the most comprehensive milling and lathe packages with powerful tool paths and techniques available to date.

CAD / CAM Design, Solid Modelling, CAM Programming, Drafting, and File Conversion - We provide a full complement of design services to help facilitate the development and the manufacture of your product. Our design and programming tools include:

During the design assistance process, customers will be working with design personnel that have first-hand experience in the manufacturing processes offered at API/AMS. Designing the products around customers’ needs while offering the realities of the actual manufacturing processes, helps minimize manufacturing costs and creates a seamless transition between the design and manufacturing process of the customer’s products.

  • Solid Works
  • Solid Cam

3D Design Capabilities

We offer customers complete CAD & CAM flexibility by utilizing quality people and high-end software. Through ongoing training of personnel and frequent software upgrades we provide you seamless integration of your designs into our manufacturing processes.

Our CAD department can work with you to model, draw and verify your part design and our CAM department will evaluate the most efficient method to manufacture it. The CAM department will help choose optimum material size, equipment and process flow to use. Once these have been decided they create the machine code to run your part. The programs are downloaded directly to our CNC machines on the production floor and your part is as good as done.

Our integrated, precision-oriented process guarantees your part meets all your requirements as designed, from idea to final product.

2D Drawings

One method for 2D prints, such as .dwg or .dxf files is to create an Adobe® .pdf file from the native file. PDF files seem to scale and print very well, they are easy to email and we’ve found most customers have a PDF reader. But, if you don’t have a PDF writer, we have the capabilities to read in most 2D file types in their native format.